How to Create an AWS Account to Get Free Tier Offers

Earlier before I’ve posted an article about How to Install LEMP Stack On Ubuntu AWS EC2. To launch an AWS EC2 Instance, first you have to own an AWS account, so in this post, I will show you how to create an AWS account then you will have access to Free Tier Offers by AWS.

First, go to AWS Sign Up Portal, fill the required fields, then click Continue

AWS Sign Up Portal

AWS Sign Up Portal

After that you will be asked for contact information, fill the required fields, then click Create Account and Continue

AWS Sign Up Contact Information

Contact Information

The next step is payment information, you can use Debit or Credit Card which accepted by AWS like Visa, Master Card, etc.

Noted here you will be charged $1 USD/EUR by AWS as verification to ensure the card is valid.

Fill the payment information, then click Verify and Add

AWS Sign Up Payment Information

Payment Information

Next, before you can use your AWS account, you must add a phone number and verify it using verification code that will send via SMS.

Fill the phone number and the security check, then click Send SMS

AWS Confirm Identity

Confirm Identity

Check your phone, enter the verification code, then click Verify Code

AWS Verification Code

Verification Code

Select a Support Plan you preferred, you can choose Basic Plan for this

AWS Select Support Plan

Support Plan

Congrats! now you have an AWS account :)

AWS Welcome Page

Welcome to AWS

You may have to wait a few minutes until you can sign in to AWS Management Console.

Find more information about AWS Free Tier Offers here.